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I’m not sure if I’m upset or not. But the research I’ve posted on my website has been published by someone else in the current edition of the Maine Genealogist. It even reads very much like my article – at least the first part of my article. I’ve done more background research on both the Allen and the Savage Isabellas but…I posted my initial research results on Genforum in 2003 and I’ve had lots of feedback on the research. At one point I had an article written for the Register but life intervened and it never got published. So, it isn’t “my” information, and I’m glad its out there in publishing land. But I keep thinking some credit would have been nice.


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I recently had a phone call from a distant cousin. We are both descendants of Jesse Savage and Hannah Wills through different children. He had read my Savage family article on the website www.mcwieser.info He wanted to see a copy of the will of Francis Allen, mother of Isabella Allen Malcolm who some people have chosen as the Isabella who married Isaac Savage circa 1750 in York County Maine. I assured him that I would get him a scan as soon as possible. However, I was mortified to discover I had never taken a copy of the original. I had a complete transcript. Word for work, including all the strange spellings. But I hadn’t taken a copy. Trying to read my mind in hindsight, I think that I reasoned this way 1) Francis Allen was not the mother of the Isabella who married Isaac Savage 2) therefore I didn’t really need a copy of her will.

In hind sight this is sloppy and completely wrong. I may be sure in my mind that Francis is not the mother of MY Isabella (In fact, I more than sure, I’m totally, completely and absolutely convinced – I consider this to have been definitively proven.) But I should still have a copy of the will on hand to support my proof argument. Now I have to go back and get a copy from the microfilm. I thought I was past redoing research. But as long as I have uncorrected sloppy work in my files, I guess I’ll keep repeating myself.

By the way, I’m trying a new look. Is it easier to read? Let me know

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